Cluster Mold B

Cluster Mold B with 3 clusters and 3-4 individual points (point locations can vary on each mold.)  Mold B has one larger and 2 smaller clusters.  Mold is 4" in diameter and 1.75" high.

This mold holds approximately 2 oz / 60 ml of resin.

Placed separately or clustered together, a wonderful addition to your resin geode art!  

All molds made from Platinum Cure Silicone (food safe.)  Please see my blog for mold care information and tips for best results.  

Please be aware heat can damage and/or shorten the life of your mold.  This includes torching, heat gun, and heat from resins that are prone to heating up while curing.  I cannot be responsible for any damage to a mold from improper use or care.

***Your castings from this mold are yours to use freely.  You may not, however, make replica molds from castings and sell the molds as your own. 


Cluster Mold B